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RG655 (Ruggear) VS BV5900 (Smart Walkie): 2020 PTT Rugged Smartphones

RG655 VS BV5900, which is more worth for your money?

In this blogpost we will be talking about some of the push to talk communication methods today. In addition, we will be comparing between two recommended PTT rugged smartphones which is Smart Walkie BV5900, our latest made for push-to-talk rugged smartphone and RugGear RG655, which is one of their latest push-to-talk rugged smartphone.

Today’s technology gives us many ways to communicate. The key to good communication in a harsh working environment is to pick the right equipment. It will be an ideal companion in any environment where reliable and stress-free communication is needed at the touch of a button.

However, sometimes old school is the best method. There is still quite a large use case for walkie talkies or Push-to-talk devices (or we could say, PTT) especially for public safety, transportation, manufacturing, emergency situations, excellence for construction sites, and other such places where quick, but short vocal communications are necessary.

This gives us the ability to use the strengths of two-way radio communication, such as coordinating large work groups, through mobile devices. Push to talk can be enabled on a variety of devices, including two-way radios (walkie talkie), and mobile radios.

PTT capability basically means instant access to the network that you are working on. If a business or institution is using a dispatch-enabled network, every device that has access to it through push to talk will be able to communicate through it. This means that two-way radios, even computers (with the appropriate application installed) are capable of accessing the network with the push of a button.

Hardware solutions above still work best in this area, but you can now combine PTT function and smartphone without too much trouble.

What is PTT Rugged Smartphone? How is it Different from Traditional Walkie Talkie ?

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PTT functionality also has been added to a range of digital devices including rugged smartphones. Where traditional walkie talkie like two-way radio devices or mobile radio devices are appropriate and convenient, push-to-talk rugged smartphone can also offer the operational advantages of PTT while incorporating the advantages of a range of mobile smartphones.

Traditional walkie talkie are extremely limited as they only work on a specific carrier and limited range. Instead of relying on VHF or UHF frequency, rugged smartphones with PTT have nation wide area and indoor coverage for broadcast and communication ability because the function is powered via mobile data and a push-to-talk application such as VoicePing by using the same SIM Card as your regular mobile phone.

Not only does it have nation wide range and indoor coverage, PTT rugged smartphones usually has large battery capacity to allow for longer standby duration and thus reduce frequent charging. Using a digital network, users aren't limited to just voice only. They can also make use of features such as GPS tracking, instant messages (SMS), NFC, compass, GPS, sensor, data transmission, and more just like what they would on a smartphone. PTT rugged smartphones have protection against shock, water and dust as well.

It is perfect for outdoor activities with its durable and adequate performance. The device's integrated camera allows users to take pictures, record videos and keep it in the device storage. It can help to reduce misunderstandings with customers and run other mobile applications that increases productivity and efficiency.

However, everyone wants to get the most out of what they will be paying for, especially when it comes to the best push-to-talk devices for their company’s operations.

To help you find the best choice for your push-to-talk device needs, we have compared between RugGear RG655, which is one of their latest push-to-talk rugged smartphone from RugGear, and Smart Walkie BV5900, our latest made for push-to-talk rugged smartphone. Taking into consideration features like performance, specification, feature and unbiased customer reviews.

Here are the Remarkable PTT Rugged Smartphones that You Can Get in Singapore Today

1. RugGear RG655

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Specs :

  •     Screen Size : 5.5" Gorilla Screen
  •     RAM : 3GB
  •     Storage : 32GB
  •     Processor : Helio P22 (MT6762V)
  •     Battery : 4200 mAh
  •     Operating System : Android Pie 9
  •     Ruggedness : IP68
  •     Camera : Primary Camera 13 MP / Front Camera 8 MP

Launch Date : April 2019

Price : S$ 400 (check here)

Cons : Too loud, poor voice quality for both transmitting and receiving, battery draining is fast, not reliable and confusing PTT button which is combined with regular apps button

Sleek and Slender yet rugged to the core. Well-engineered, RG655 can withstand a variety of extremes including relentless pounding, pressure and elements. No matter in the worksite or in search of adventure, this MIL-STD-810G and IP68, withstand drops of up to 1.5m and is IP68 waterproof to a depth of 1.2m for 30 minutes. featuring a CPU (Helio P22), 13+8MP cameras, outdoor readable display, VoLTE, loud speaker (they say it has 95dB).

RG655 claim its speaker has the loudness level up to 95 dB, but unfortunately, the speaker's greatest weakness is not being able to reproduce low-end frequencies which will make the music sounds rather tinny to our ears. In short, we would recommend using external audio equipment such as headphones and speakers if you value audio quality for this device.

The connecting wired headphones is more complex than than most smartphones and RugGear has included a protective cover to prevent the ingress of dust or liquids. Reviewers have found the cover difficult to pry off as it may quickly become a pain in daily use if you regularly use wired headphones.

RG655's All-in-one Yellow side function button. is used to open the camera, torch, vibrate/silence, and activate PTT (Push-to-talk) as well. It might not be reliable and too complicated as we know smartphones usually have many applications.


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"Extremely durable and rugged phone. Supports normal size SIM cards also along with support of multiple display languages. One of the best phone in "Non smart" phone category. "-Bishu, Amazon's RG655 Customer Review

"There is NO manual for this phone, ANYWHERE! Suppliers and manufacturers ignore contacts. The voice quality is VERY POOR, both transmitting and receiving. BUY AN ALTERNATIVE!" -Owner of one, Amazon's RG655 Customer Review

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Specs :

  •     Screen size : 5.7" Gorilla Screen
  •     RAM : 3GB
  •     Storage : 32GB
  •     Processor : MT6761 2.0Ghz Quad Core
  •     Battery : 5580 mAh
  •     Operating System : Android Pie 9
  •     Ruggedness : IP68 & IP69K    
  •     Camera : Primary Camera 13 MP / Front Camera 5 MP
  •     Fingerprint ID and Face Unlock
  •     Dedicated PTT Button
  •     IMDA Registered and 1-Year Warranty

Launch Date : Nov 2019

Price : S$ 289 (check here)

BV5900 is built for enterprise and each key point address the needs of managers and companies, with MIL-STD-810G, IP68 and IP69K certified which means it is the highest protection available, you will have no worries working under water or any humid and harsh working environments. The 13MP camera allows for clear pictures to be taken in the day and even at night.

The battery compartment of the Smart Walkie BV5900 can count on a capacity equal to 5580 mAh. Up to 600 hours in Standby mode, up to 18 hours in video reproductions, up to 12 hours in gaming mode, up to 45 hours in audio reproductions, up to 23 hours of telephone communications. In addition to having a large battery, the Smart Walkie BV5900 allows you to fully recharge the battery in a short 3 hours, thanks to the doubled voltage of 5V/2A.

For user and companies, this means that you can use the phone for 2 shifts with a full charge thereafter. Being able to share devices will reduce the total cost of ownership as lesser devices are required to be purchased.

BV5900 has a lone speaker grill, two camera sensors and a LED flash is located at the rear of the BV5900. Overall, it is a very bland, conservative design. The performance is sufficient as well.

The loudspeaker have a pretty decent sound and is less heavy on high frequencies than other devices. The loudspeaker is therefore good for occasional music listeners and the sound output via the 3.5mm jack and Bluetooth works without problems.

For PTT button, Smart Walkie BV5900 has a dedicated PTT button on left. It is quick, easy to use and user-friendly.

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"Best rugged phone for the money, great spec phone with good screen, lovely 2 cameras witch make best photos, battery life seems to be a way better than my iPhone.  I’m blown away by the quality, construction and is well and truly well worth the money. Has all the features of a more expensive phone, easy to set up, use and understand... " -Andrei,  Amazon's BV5900 customer review

"I’ve been working well for two months, but now the screen does not press. Is there a guarantee on the phone?" -Eriks, Amazon's BV5900 Customer Review

Why is BV5900 the best choice for you compared to RugGear RG655

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Battery : 5580 mAh

Screen : 5.7" Gorilla Tough Screen

Better Speaker

Dedicated PTT Button

Smart Walkie BV5900 is a very durable rugged phone with multiple highlights like the 13-megapixel camera, a large battery, dedicated push-to-talk on the left side.

Compared to RG655, BV5900 have a larger battery capacity (5580 mAh) up to 600 hours in standby mode, up to 18 hours in video reproductions, up to 12 hours in gaming mode, up to 45 hours in audio reproductions, up to 23 hours of telephone communications instead of RG655 which only have has 4200 mAh.

BV5900 is IP68 and IP69K certified which means it is the highest protection available to withstand high-pressure and high-temperature that is ideal for outdoor activity compared to RG655's IP68 certification.

The BV5900 screen also features 5.7-inch Gorilla tough screen full-view display which has better visual impact, makes photos, videos, and all your other content look as vibrant as possible while RG655 uses a smaller 5.5-inch Gorilla tough screen.

Based on reviewers' point of view, BV5900 has pretty decent speaker sound and is less heavy on high frequencies than other devices compared to RG655 which is too loud and the music sounds rather tinny.

Smart Walkie BV5900 have a dedicated PTT button, it will not be troublesome opening apps compared to RG655 which is having an all-in-one Yellow side button.

BV5900 have a higher rate for Amazon positive reviews compared to RG655 and it is better received by by the public.

In summary, BV5900 have similar specifications compared to RG655. It is larger in screen size, has longer battery life, comes with more rugged certifications, almost half price for great performance and better customer experience review.

A good and smart walkie talkie device needs to be rugged enough to withstand outdoor conditions, fast enough to run applications and affordable for a company's budget. BV5900 fulfills all of the criteria and is no wonder a popular rugged smart talkie and should be on top of every Singaporean’s must-have list.

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