• Walkie Talkie Smartphone

    Nationwide Walkie Talkie Smartphone

    Tokie (Pictured)


    Top 5 reasons why customers upgrade

    1. 99% nationwide + indoor coverage
    2. Send pictures as proof of delivery
    3. Track location for better customer service
    4. Run business apps that increase productivity
    5. Maintain one device for talkie, call & WhatsApp and save 25%

  • Built for Business — Built to Last

    Upgrade your business with the right tool

    WiFi Walkie Talkie - Using Mobile Networks to provide Island Wide, Cross Border & Indoors coverage for Walkie Talkie

    Always Reach Workers

    Island Wide, Cross Border & Indoors

    Compared to current system of 95% coverage, we offer 99% coverage outdoor s. Exclusive to our data connection with Singtel on 900Mz LTE, we can even offer you excellent coverage even when you are indoors and in expressway tunnels.




    Smart Talkies - Professional Walkie Talkie

    Take Photos as Evidence

    Proof of Delivery

    Prevent costly disputes and get real on the ground evidence via photos. Photos can be instantly sent, archived or uploaded to a computer at a later time. Help office staff instantly see what is happening on the ground.

    Best Walkie Talkie - Achieve employee visibility via Location tracking and history shown on a Map

    Know where everyone is

    Efficient Coordination

    Track staff on the go and view their live location or movement history on your computer to help you coordinate daily operations and improve customer service.

    Smart Walkie Talkies Motorola - Android OS allows you to run business apps on your walkie talkie

    Business Apps

    Android OS

    Other than your Walkie Talkie Apps, the Android OS allows you to run other business applications that increases your productivity.


    Walkie Talkie App - All in One


    Maintain one device

    Smartphones can do a lot. Instead of buying, maintaining and getting employees to carry multiple devices, Smart Walkie Talkie offers an All-in-One device for all your business needs.

    PTT Walkie Talkie - PTT Button on VP-2000 Smart Walkie that allows easy operation of Walkie Talkie Mode

    PTT Button

    Easily send messages

    Unlike normal smartphones, this button has been configured to work even with the screen off so you can easily talk to your co-workers without needing to look at the phone.

    Long Range Walkie Talkies - Walkie Talkie loud enough for Outdoor use

    Loud Speaker

    Hear incoming messages

    Specially tuned for voice messages, the speaker boost messages up to 90db so you can hear messages even in noisy environments.

    Walkie Talkie - Long battery life for multiple shift

    24 hour Usage

    Enough for a Full Shift

    VP-2000 allows for 24 hours of continuous Walkie Talkie usage. Based on the industry standard rating of 5% transmitting time and 5% receiving time, VP-2000 can work for up to 24 hours which is more than enough for the usual shift.

    PTT Walkie Talkie - Kodiak PTT

    Easy Grip

    Hold on to your devices

    With a width of 65.9mm (similar to iPhone 5) you will be able to grip the phone and press the PTT button. Plus the size makes the phone easily pocketable.

    Rugged Case with Belt Clip for Professional Smart Walkie Talkie

    Ruggised Case

    Extend Device Lifetime

    Protect VP-2000 with a ruggedize case that helps to protect against drops and splashes.

    Restrict apps that employees can use - Walkie Talkie App

    Business Usage only

    Keep employees focused

    App usage is restricted to a approved list of Business Apps ensuring that your employees do not exceed their data usage and stay focused on work.

  • PTT Walkie Talkie

    25% Savings on your monthly PTT

    Hardware purchases are not easy. We believe feeling and trying it yourself is the best way for you to decide.

    Therefore we provide a on-site demo for you to try.

  • Smart Walkie Video Demo

    Join leading hotels, logistics, construction companies in using Smart Walkie

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  • Instant Field Communication

    VoicePing App powers Walkie Talkie Mode on VP-2000. PTT Walkie Talkie Button always works.

    Works Like Walkie Talkie

    Easy PTT Button: Send messages easily with Push-to-talk button at the side You can also change channels at the side so you can handle many conversations at a time.


    Works like a Walkie Talkie: Speak and hear your colleagues instantly in a Group or Private channel.


    88db Loudness : Tuned for voice clarity and ensures your message is heard.


    24 Hour Battery Life: Based on the industry standard rating of 5% transmitting time and 5% receiving time, VP-2000 allows for 24 hours of Walkie Talkie usage.

    Replay Missed Walkie Talkie messages via Instant Voicemail - Walkie Talkie App

    Always Reach Workers

    Always Reach Workers: With 99% outdoor service coverage provided by our internet plan (2G/3G/4G/WiFi), you will always be able to reach workers when you need them.


    Reduce Missed Calls: With "Instant Voicemail", just say what you want. If your staff can respond, they will. But if they are currently busy, they can replay and respond to your message later. Spend less time trying to setup the call and just say what you want.


    "Before we had to try to get hold of our drivers and they rarely reply because they might be busy driving or at the customer area. We spent a lot of time just to get their attention. With the replay messages feature, we can leave them a message and they can get back to us when they are available.”


    Paging: Need to urgently get hold of someone? Use our paging feature. When you page a user, their phone keeps beeping and vibrating until they reply to you.


    Visibility: You can see if your colleague is online, whether he has received and heard your message.


    Headset: Wired/Bluetooth headset allows constant hearing of messages. PTT and channel control buttons on headset increases response rate and encourage safe driving.


    Learn more about Smart Walkie Talkie features powered by VoicePingApp

    Track Worker Location and History. Smart Walkie Talkie PTT on Desktop makes it easy to manage workers

    Communicate Smarter

    Location: Track staff on the go and view their live location or movement history on your computer. Achieve visibility and obtain real time milestones jobs status updates in your day-to-day operations.


    Pictures: Smartphone cameras are great enabler of field work. A picture tells a thousand words. With pictures, office co-workers can instantly see what is going on in the field and collaborate with field co-workers to diagnose and resolve problems faster.


    Text: Text is great for long form communication or specific items like addresses and group schedules. When you receive a text, the text automatically read to you. Without even touching your phone, you will be able to hear what is being communicated to you.


    Desktop PTT: Run the same Walkie-Talkie App on your Desktop Machine and handle many conversations quickly from your office. You can also use a specific keyboard button to start PTT. This makes it convenient for the administrator to handle many conversations at a time.



  • Smart Walkie Talkies

    Different Devices for Specialized Needs

    Smart Walkie Talkies Phone with PTT Button


    Handy and Loud

    Tokie comes in a handy size enabling PTT in any situation.


    The provided belt clip allows Tokie to be attached to shirts, lapels or belt.

    Professional Walkie Talkie - VP-6


    Large Screen for Apps

    VP-6 comes with a dedicated Push to Talk button on the side.


    The large 4.7" screen enables you to use apps to enhance your productivity.

    Ex-Handy 09 - PTT

    Ex-Handy 09

    intrinsically safe/EX

    Available in IS Zone 1 and Zone 2, Ex-Handy allows you to use PTT in Oil & Gas environment.

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  • Run Business Apps

    Upgrade your Business Productivity with Industry Leading Solutions that you can run on Smart Walkie Talkie

    Transport Management System with Smart Walkie Talkie

    Track all jobs in real time 24/7, on one platform across multiple operators. Instantly know job delivery statuses, at their precise locations and timings. No more frantic phone calls.


    Save hours by scheduling thousands of jobs in seconds with a single click. Optimize driver routes instantly so fewer trucks go around empty - save on mileage and deliver more quickly.

    e-Forms - Smart Walkie Talkie


    Build checklists, conduct inspections, file reports on your phone. Turn any of your paper form to a e-form.


    Get our e-POD template for your drivers.

    Attendance & Clocking for Security Guards - Best Walkie Talkie

    Schedule patrols with checklists. Get reports on skipped checkpoints in real time


    Officers check in via facial recognition or tags and easily check who have not reported to site.

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