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    Nationwide Walkie Talkies with Android Apps. Business Apps & Fast Communication for Field Workers.

  • Do everything in One Device

    Empower your staff with Smart Walkies for Business Apps and clear communication

    VoicePing Teams Nationwide Walkie Talkie

    Walkie Talkie Phones 

    Dedicated PTT buttons and loud speakers makes communication clear and instant. Our made for PTT rugged devices are waterproof with warranty up to 2 years. This even includes the highly used PTT button.

    VoicePing Teams Nationwide Walkie Talkie

    Unified Communication

    Always reach colleagues through 1-1 Push-to-talk and Group Push-to-talk through group & private channels with Nationwide range.


    Other than PTT, elevate visibility with text, pictures and videos. You can also video call for situation awareness.

    VoicePing Teams Nationwide Walkie Talkie

    Know where everyone is

    With Smart Walkie, your team can be anywhere in the city or country. See and locate them on a map with per minute tracking on the phone. If you like to see them on a larger screen, you can also login to VoicePing App on Android, iOS smartphones and web desktop browser.

    Samsung Galaxy Xcover 5

    Business Apps

    Our devices uses Android OS that allows you to run your business applications for increased productivity. When you give Smartphones to workers, also consider the problem of mis-use. Our devices have a remote management system to allow work apps only, recover lost devices and remotely update apps.

  • Smart Walkie serves field workers

    Fast communication, rugged devices, and managed IT services.


    "In a hotel, we have many groups of staff that need communication. We previously used Two way walkie talkie but many of our staff could not communicate well as the channels were always occupied.


    With Smart Walkie, we can have unlimited channels so our staff only hears call outs relevant to them."


    "In our trucking company, we have a huge fleet of drivers driving around the island on a daily basis. Our Controller always had a problem with talking to multiple drivers at a time and coordinating deliveries and being efficient.


    When we shifted to Smart Walkie, our controllers could handle even more drivers with the multi channel feature.


    We were also able manage drivers better through the GPS location tracking feature."


    "The environment of manufacturing businesses are always loud and busy, Due to this, we have always had a struggle with getting a hold of our workers as quickly as we need to because they couldn't hear the walkie talkies we previously used.


    After using Smart Walkie, it has become much easier to reach our employees due to the loudness of the speakers and the paging feature."


    "Being in a security agency means always being prepared. Walkie talkies are an essential part of the business but the previous two way walkie talkies we have been using were proving to become less and less beneficial compared to the newer solutions.


    Smart Walkie allows us to combine our guard tour software and walkie talkie into one device.

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  • Smart Walkie Talkie Models

    Different Devices for Specialised Needs

    VoicePing Teams Nationwide Walkie Talkie

    Handy and Loud. Handy size enabling PTT in any situation. The provided belt clip allows you attached to shirts, lapels or belt. The keypad makes channel selection easy.

    Samsung Galaxy Xcover 5

    Ultra Reliable PTT Smartphone from Samsung. Samsung Knox enabled. Replaceable Battery. Slot in Charger. PTT & SOS Button

    Intrinsically Safe Ecom Rugged Phones

    Intrinsically safe/Explosion Proof. Available in IS Zone 1 and Zone 2, Ex-Handy 10 and Smart Ex 02 from Ecom allows you to use Phone and Walkie Talkie in an Oil & Gas environment.

  • Walkie Talkie Phone with Plans from $33 monthly with free device and 24 months contract

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    Therefore we provide a 7 days free trial for you to try it with your colleagues.

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    Walkie Talkie Phone with Plans from $33 monthly with free device and 24 months contract. Also Consumer Walkie Talkies which have no recurring fees.

    Run business apps and walkie talkie all in one device. Slim, Rugged, Samsung Knox Secure, Samsung's quality.