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VoicePing Teams - Handy Walkie Talkie

Android OS: 7.1 with Google Play Store, 8MP Rear Camera, PTT button, Loudspeaker, 4G European and Singapore Network Frequencies

VoicePing Teams is made for field workers who need fast voice communication with their co-workers. For companies using two way radio or UHF/VHF Walkie Talkies currently, Teams enables longer range and unlimited channels by leveraging nationwide cellular data or on-site wifi. 

  • Hospitality: Communicate quickly in groups with unlimited channels
  • Logistics: Always reach drivers with nationwide coverage and location tracking
  • Security: SOS button for emergencies and wired earpiece for group communication
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MADE FOR WALKIE TALKIE: VoicePing Teams is specially designed for the best walkie talkie experience. With a loud speaker that is 3 times louder than normal smartphones, you will be able to hear everyone clearly. Use dedicated PTT to talk even when the screen is off. With the numeric keypad, you can select channels without looking at the screen. Teams also come with a SOS button to initiate Priority override.

GPS TRACKING: With Long Range Walkie Talkie, your team can be anywhere in the city or country. See and locate them on a map with per minute tracking on VoicePing Teams. If you like to see them on a larger screen, you can also login to VoicePing App on Android, iOS smartphones and web desktop browser.

MADE FOR WORK: VoicePing Teams is made for work communication. With a 2.4" screen, Teams can easily fit in your hand. IP54 rating also allows you to use it in light rain. Teams come with a Belt Clip & one replaceable battery. The battery life of our VoicePing Teams lasts around 2-3 days on standby. VoicePing Teams is bundled with a VoicePing Device license that allows you to use the Walkie Talkie App with no recurring fees. 

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VoicePing Walkie Talkie Phone Teams ensures you have a great experience with well optimised software and hardware working together. 

  • LOUD: 3x louder than normal smartphones. 36mm Diameter, 2 Watt speaker.
  • PTT BUTTON: Dedicated PTT button allows walkie talkie easily. Use numeric Keypad to change channels & SOS button to initiate SOS or Page.
  • PHONE: Make phone calls, send SMS and install Google Play Apps. 
  • SOS button: Activate SOS easily by pressing 3 times, this allows you to activate your SOS protocol quickly.
  • HANDY & RUGGED: Allows for easy carrying. IP54 rating allows it to be used in rain.
  • REMOVABLE BATTERY: Switch to an extra battery for the next work shift. Our battery lasts up to 2-3 days on standby.
  • DOCKING CHARGER: Your VoicePing Team purchase comes with a free docking charger.
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Free VoicePing Teams with Walkie Talkie Subscription

Smart Walkie offers VoicePing Teams as a free device with either

  1. Leasing at $36 monthly with no contract. Only a 3 month minimum
  2. Free Device with 24 months contract at $33 monthly.

Both plans include 

  • SIM Connectivity on Singtel Network with 2GB data for 6000 minutes of PTT Call, 200 minutes outgoing calls and SMS, Free incoming calls/SMS/Caller ID. 
  • VoicePing Walkie Talkie App Subscription including 1-1 PTT, Group PTT, Texting, Pictures, Videos, Voice Call, Video Call, Location Tracking, 30 days Recordings.
  • Kiosk mode to prevent usage of non PTT Apps or Hotspot feature.