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Buying Checklist for 4G Walkie Talkie Service

There are multiple 4G walkie talkies providers in Singapore. What factors should you look at to evaluate your options? In this article, we discuss the items you should consider when making a purchase.

What makes a great smart walkie talkie? Most of us would think that it just has to let us speak to others when we press the PTT button. It was a pretty simple concept until the dawn of smart walkie talkies, which revolutionized the way we use them. Now, we’ve come a long way from traditional walkie talkies, but don’t let that scare you. We’ve put together a checklist that has everything you need to know before buying a smart walkie talkie system. 

Use this list as a guide for evaluating the app features, device features, hardware and support service. 

Smartphone Hardware

When was the device manufactured?

Unused devices are also subject to battery and rubber degradation. Repair parts will be hard to find for old devices.

How durable and reliable is your device?

In any field of business, the durability of equipment is one of the top considerations. It's best if it lasts long and requires little to no maintenance.

How well reviewed is the hardware from third parties?

Ratings and reviews from third parties are more reliable than the manufacturer's claims.

What version is your operating system?

Newer Android versions regularly get security updates. Apps are also more compatible with newer Android Versions.

PTT Hardware

How loud is the speaker?

PTT users are usually in construction sites or other areas with a lot of background noise.

Placement and ease of pressing of PTT Button

The PTT button should be placed on the left and within easy reach. It also shouldn't be too hard to press.

Does the standard warranty include wear and tear on PTT Button?

Since the PTT button is highly used, it wears out faster compared to other buttons and is a frequently repaired part.

What warranty scope, service, and resolution time is promised?

For electronic devices, the scope of the warranty will cover labor and parts for a certain period. Limitations to the scope typically include user damage such as damage from water or screen damage. The service corresponds to where the warranty is available, so you might have to bring your device to a specific location to have it serviced. An example of Samsung's Warranty can be found here: com/sg/support/warranty/

Is the repair done in Singapore or overseas?

The purpose of Repair & Service is to ensure the maximum efficiency and availability of the device and its components at an optimal cost, and under satisfactory quality conditions.

When out of warranty, what are the Hardware Repair Cost and turn around time?

Out of warranty devices can last for a few years with a new battery. This can help you extend the usage of your devices and not have to buy new ones.

Walkie Talkie App

Does it work like my current walkie talkies?

If the walkie talkies are similar to your current ones, your users can get used to them quickly and less training will be required.

Can I switch channels without touching the screen?

Users can select whom to talk to without using the touchscreen as it might be dangerous while driving or unable to when it is raining.

Does it show who is talking?

Users can see who they’re talking to.

Can I get priority over other users?

Sometimes, managers will need to interrupt other users in urgent situations or for important matters.

Does the hardware and app support PTT Accessories with Wired Earpieces, Bluetooth Earpieces, Remote Speaker Mics?

The app supports PTT accessories such as earpieces, Bluetooth earpieces and remote speaker mics. Some users need to be able to PTT without touching the device for safety reasons, so the earpieces will come in handy.

Does the app allow for messages replays and conversations archival service?

You can download group conversations or 1-1 conversations for documentation or to settle any problems.

Can the app allow you to add/remove users and channels on both dispatch console and also app?

The dispatcher can add new members to groups or remove unnecessary members from groups.

Unified Communication

Does the new app let me send texts, pictures & videos?

Sending pictures and videos helps with documentation. It can also help people save time by letting them show you what's going on instead of having to explain it.

Can the app show you where other users are on the dispatch, console and app?

Tracking other users helps you stay organized and helps keep you on top of things. Seeing how much time your drivers spend in each stop will also help you plan more efficient routes.

Does the app support iPhones, non-vendor specific Android phones and desktop computers?

The app works on all platforms. Some companies won't have the budget to buy new devices for their staff, but will still need the PTT app.

Does the app allow for video or voice over IP?

The app allows VoIP.

Does the PTT App allow for API Integration?

VoicePing API's allow Enterprise IT managers and ERP solution providers to include a communication solution as an integral part of their enterprise apps. This allows for more use cases to increase productivity.

Can I deploy my own server?

Some tenders or Government projects require on-premise deployment in own data center and private APN SIM Cards.

How do I quickly get everyone into the same channel during an emergency?

In the event of an emergency, you will have to let everyone know that you need help. If you use the SOS feature, it will send an SOS to all the other users to let them know.


How can I quickly alert others if I am in danger?

If you use the SOS, it will instantly let others know you are in danger. You also have the option to send it to a specific group.

SIM Card/4G Network

How much data do you need for each user? What apps are available to use?

To set a monthly data allowance. This limits the internet usage in a month to avoid being charged extra

Does the network cover your area of operations?

Mobile networks are affected by coverage and congestion. For coverage, most telcos cover up to 99.9% of Singapore. However, the Singtel network still has an advantage with it’s triband LTE, which penetrates buildings better. Another thing affected by congestion is the likelihood of your mobile apps working properly in a crowded area.

Can you use the PTT App on other Telco or Wi-Fi only networks?

If you intend to bring your own telco or re-use an existing SIM Card, you need the Apps to be telco agnostic.

Are you planning to use PTT at events with congestion?

PTT apps still need a connection back to the server to work. In times of great congestion, can the PTT App still work?

Is there a hard cap that will break your operations? Are there methods to control the app on the phone? See Mobile Device management Section.

You depend on data usage for your business apps to work. You must be able to use your business apps even when your business is doing good or your workers exceed their data limit.

How much are the excess charges? The industry standard is $10.70 per GB.

Standard industry rate of $10.70 per GB

Is your data allowance pooled so you even out the usage across all your users?

Pooled data allowances allows you to balance heavy and non heavy usages so the incidents of excess charges are rare.

Device Management

Is there a way to control the apps available on the device? Do you need to remotely update or change allowed applications?

To properly manage your staff, it's imperative to have a way of controlling how they use their devices. A Mobile Device Management (MDM) software allows you to restrict the use of certain apps or features on their devices to prevent any misuse. On top of that, you can also use the MDM to remotely install apps or updates on their devices instead of having them do it themselves. 

Can you distribute and update apps without going through a play store?

With the MDM, you can remotely install apps on your users’ devices or update them.

Does the app help me to lock lost devices and aid in recovery?

In case the device is lost, it’s imperative to get the device back or restrict its usage to prevent access to sensitive information.

Are there geofencing capabilities?

Besides the ability to track your users, you will also need to make sure they stay within set boundaries. If you require your staff to travel from one place to another, you can set perimeters for them and get notified if they exit. 

Service and Support

How easy is it to get support?

A reliable support service is needed to make sure all customer problems and concerns are resolved.

When is support available? What is the response and resolution SLA?

Readily available support is necessary for our customers. Customers should be able to get assistance on any day of the week.Readily available support is necessary for our customers. 

Is the PTT service reliable? What are the promised SLA and historical statistics?

A reliable PTT service is imperative for a company to maintain its operations. An unreliable PTT will make it hard for staff to communicate with each other and lead to all kinds of problems.

How well reviewed is the company?

Reviews of the services and products of the company are given by third parties and can be found on Google, Glassdoor, Amazon, etc. Bad reviews should alert you to unhappy customers before you decide.Reviews of the services and products of the company are given by third parties

What is the security level?

Good security measures are imperative. Safety is a priority to prevent any breaches or problems.Good security measures are imperative. Safety is a priority to prevent any breaches or problems.

Is there a no contract option?

The option of having no fixed duration is one of the best and safest options for companies that can't make any commitment or are uncertain with the number of devices they will need. This option would give them the freedom to adjust the number of devices they have according to their needs and save them from overspending. Uncertainty of project timeline or manpower requirements. You might not want to be locked into a contract if you can’t make any commitments.

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