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Monthly Subscription Bundle for Walkie Talkie

Bundled Price for VoicePing App


Unlimited Walkie Talkie, 1 GB of mobile data, free incoming calls, SMS and mobile control app

Best experience together with VP-6 Smart Walkie Talkie Phone

Smart Walkie Talkie Device

Bring Your Own Phone

[$15] Walkie Talkie App Subscription

For VP-2000 to function, you need a valid VoicePing Subscription which provides the Walkie Talkie/Communication function.

[$16] 1GB Data

You can choose to use your own Data Plan or purchase from us. The Data plan can be used for other apps. Walkie Talkie usage is around 200mb to 500mb a month.

[$4] Mobile Control App Subscription

Mobile Control allows you to restrict the apps that users can access to reduce excess data charges and ensure the phone is used for business. This app also shows you the location of your employees.

PTT+ Phone Plans

Call us for PTT + Phone Calling Plans. PTT+ Plans include Discount for VP-6s

from $36.90

60% Discount. PIC Claimable

Billing Description will be “Data communications and networking equipment”.

This qualifies for PIC as stated in PIC IT and Automation Equipment List

"Data communications and networking equipment, including modem, multiplexor, network processor, servers, interface convert routers, switches, networks, cabling infrastructure, IP telephony systems, broadband connectivity equipment and security and authentication infrastructure. "

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