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Monthly Subscription Bundle for Walkie Talkie

Free VP-6S Made-for-PTT Smartphone

Free VP-6S Made-for-PTT Phone

Free Made-For-PTT smartphone

Free Device, Fixed Cost

Unlimited Walkie Talkie

Unlimited Mobile Data

Mobile Control App

$43/month (24 months contract)

Push To Talk (1-1): Make private calls that no one else can hear

Push To Talk (Group): Talk to a group of 500 users

Multi Channel Scanning: Active Channel is switched automatically when someone is talking

Mute Groups: Silent Groups that you do not need to hear right now.

Texting: Send text in VoicePing Mobile or VoicePing Web Texting or Desktop

Text to Speech: When you receive text, it is read out to you. Supports Multiple Languages

API: Send automated Text via API. Send Interactive Text with question and answers.

Wired Headset Support: Hear and PTT via Wired Headset with PTT Toggle Mode Button

Bluetooth Headset Support: Hear Incoming PTT. Best Paired with Bluetooth PTT Button.

Bluetooth PTT Button Support: Activates PTT without needing to touch phone

Priority Calls: Override conversation to send urgent messages

SOS: Gets everyone into the emergency channel quickly

Paging: Urgent and constant alert to get someone's attention

Send Pictures: Send HD pictures in VoicePing

Auto Forward Pictures to Email: Pictures can be auto forwarded to email for archival or re-sending.

Download Group Conversation: Download as Audio, text and picture files the entire group conversation as company admin.

Download Private Conversation: Download as Audio, text and picture files the entire private conversation between any pair of users.

Live Location Tracking: See where everyone is now on a map

View Historical Location: See where one person has been

Download Location Data: Download the location data via Excel or API

Install Android Apps: Remotely push, install and update Android Apps

Usage Control: Manage which Apps/websites users can use

24 hour Replacement: Reduce downtime when devices spoil

iPhone Supported: iPhone version also available.

Desktop Version: Link Field and Officer workers. Office workers can type, copy & paste text and still PTT.

*Unlimited Mobile Data: Provided as a Full Data SIM. Voice Calls are not enabled. First 1GB data is not throttled. Thereafter, speed of data connection will be slowed down. However PTT Calls are not affected by throttling. Fair usage policy applies.

Download VoicePing Walkie Talkie App to Try

You can try it on your own phone!

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