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A strong reason for you to upgrade from iDEN/GRID now

A better alternative than your GRID/Motorola sets. Increase your work efficiency with PC based Walkie Talkie.

Are you a GRID's iDEN or Motorola user who has to walkie multiple workers? Controllers and drivers using i418/i365/i375 islandwide walkie talkies have feedbacked that they have a lot of devices to juggle and to manage multiple users at the same time is quite challenging.

That's why we recommend our VoicePing Desktop PTT. It is now available for your work more efficient. You can now just use your PC to do everything at one time 

  1. You can PTT
  2. Send Text
  3. Send Pictures
  4. See the map to track your users

This will allow you to communicate with field workers faster as you do not need to pickup your walkie device anymore to PTT them.

Push-To-Talk, Text, Pictures

You can copy and paste text or instructions to send to your users as well, the text will be read out to the users from their devices. For users who are drivers, they will be able to focus on driving on the road this way and won’t have to pickup their device to read the incoming text message which is very dangerous.

See Location/GPS (Live and Historical Tracked)

VoicePing's Location feature is free for customers so you can save costs from your other subscribed location tracking software.

Manage Talkgroups

Unlike GRID users who have to call a hotline to create groups or edit any settings, you are able to create groups yourself now from the browser. You can also make unlimited groups and mange your own users. This way it helps you to save time which can be better utilised for your company operations.

We understand that your field workers might be busy on the ground so they might not reply to our messages which can get a bit annoying. Our Paging function helps to solve that issue by allowing you to send a recurring alert to your user until they respond back. If there were in a conversation with another driver, you can also use the page function to interrupt them.

This catches their attention finally with their device's vibration and loud ringing and thus help you to convey your important messages quickly.

Like the idea of making your work more efficient and being able to save on device repair costs by having a more rugged device? We offer a Next Day Replacement Warranty for our contracted customers. You do not have to worry about your PTT button spoiling ever again as that is covered under warranty.

Click the button below to drop us an email and get a 1 week free trial of our Nation-wide Smart Walkie Talkie devices & Desktop PTT.

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