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Extended warranty, comprehensive coverage and next day replacement for Smart Walkie devices

Maximise your smart devices uptime business performance

Every day, you depend on your rugged smart devices and walkie talkie devices to keep your business up and running efficiently. Ensure you get the predictable and dependable performance you need to maximise device uptime with Smart Walkie’s extended warranty support services.  

No matter what level of service you need, there will be a suitable warranty support tier to support your critical operations and help improve business outcomes.

L2 and L3 are optional add-ons and can be bought together with hardware purchase. L3 support is bundled by default with our 2 year contract plans.

L2/L3 coverage is an insurance for your phone – you never have to buy it but you feel safer with it.

Device users who are outdoors most of the time are very prone to devices dropping causing screen damage. The work devices also experience much higher wear & tear than their own phones.

When there is a faulty device or a damaged screen, the administration time taken by your operations and finance team to send those devices to the service center for repair and figuring out whether the repair cost should be charged to the staff takes up a lot of time which could be better well spent for your business activities.

That’s where L2 and L3 warranty comes in to simplify your life. Both L2 and L3 extend your device warranty to 2 years. All repairs are free of charge within the warranty period, Accidental damage (like Screen damage or water damage) is covered for free once per device.

For Enterprises, L2/L3 reduces the downtime and hassle when you have a spoilt device. The benefits of L3 over L2 are:

  1. 2 way courier for the replacement of your device so you do not need to visit the service center.
  2. Next day replacement with device of similar condition instead of waiting for 3 days repair.
  3. Live agent support for supported apps and Android operating system
  4. Remote device management service, TalkieLock bundled to allow you to remotely update apps and lock non-work apps from usage.
  5. Pre-Installed apps so the replacement set is ready to go with minimal configuration.

You may refer to the diagram below for a summarised table comparison of the different warranty support levels for our devices.

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