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Repair & Refurbish Motorola GRID i365 Walkie Talkie

Motorola Walkie Talkie - Repair & Refurbish

Motorola GRID i365 Walkie Talkie is a widely used device in various industries that use walkie talkies to meet their communication requirements. Motorola i365 is known for its ruggedness, durability and reliability but what do you do when the i365 breaks?

Repair ($80 to $120)

Repair is probably the first thing most walkie talkie users would do in case any of their Motorola walkie talkie models breaks or has technical issues. The device would be repaired only if it’s in a repairable state. Certain device breaks & technical issues can cost you quite a lot and may cause issues to reoccur over and over again. So, before getting the device repaired assess the issues in detail with the repairer so it can be fixed once for all. 

Refurbished ($100 to $200)

For about the same price, as a repair, you could pick up a second hand or refurbished set.

Estimated purchase price

Motorola walkie talkie i365(GRID Compatible): $208

Motorola walkie talkie i686(GRID Compatible): $128

Motorola walkie talkie i580(GRID Compatible): $108

Motorola walkie talkie i335(GRID Compatible): $98

Listed above are the options you have when your Motorola i365 Walkie Talkie breaks. As a quick short term fix you can repair or buy a refurbished set.

Buy Refurbished Set Now

Refurbished Grade B Motorola i365 Local Set @ $100

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Car Charger: $20

Wall Charger: $20

Stock Update: Dec 2019: We have 10 sets of i365 and 5 sets of i576 left. Call +65 6708 9309 to enquire and book an appointment.

If you’d like to buy a new walkie talkie, such as Motorola walkie talkie radios or HT Motorola, that is value for money and long lasting the Smart Walkie Talkie is the one for you.

Smart Walkie Talkie

Like a handy talky Motorola, Smart Walkie Talkies are the latest communication devices that are replacing traditional walkie talkies. SWT device are way superior in all aspects and has tons of functionality than the regular walkie talkie. It's sturdy and durable for all type of conditions. Smart Walkie Talkie is designed to take the walkie talkie experience to the next level.

Smart Walkie Talkie Device
Smart Walkie Talkie Device