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Walkie Talkie App for Your Business Communication Solution

The Best Walkie Talkie App and a Versatile Mobile Device Management

As one of the company that builds communication apps and devices specific for work purposes, Smart Walkie, Pte. Ltd. aims to serve various industries, such as the hospitality, transportation, logistics, or mining and construction industry.

These industries have many on-field workers who require constant, fast and easy communication with each other or with the in-office.

Looking at the needs of these industries, Smart Walkie, Pte. Ltd. developed its products with advanced features and state-of-the-art technology to match their precise needs and requirements.

Several products in its portfolio are:

Smart walkie talkie

It’s not just a regular walkie talkie, or what people commonly call handy talky, HT or two ways radio. It’s called smart walkie talkie as it offers features beyond what a regular walkie talkie does. 

A notable highlight is that it is mobile technology- based, which is more advanced than radio technology. It means you can have all the benefits of a mobile phone while still having a walkie talkie’s convenience in communication.

Imagine you can check your PMS (property management system) mobile app while talking to your co-worker at the same time, all in a single device. 

But practicality is not the only reason why all walkie talkie users should consider to upgrade to smart walkie talkie. Some smart walkie talkie devices are designed to match the nature and environment of the industry. 

For example, Smart Walkie suggests Ex-Handy 09 for a chemical or oil and gas working environment which requires intrinsically-safe equipment. While for other outdoor activities with less risks, VP-6 can be a better option. 

Choosing the right communication tools is an invaluable investment for your business. In the long run, the right communication tool will boost the productivity level of your employees and the company itself.  

With the regular walkie talkie having been on the market for quite some time, it’s not easy to change the mindset of the users. Especially with a big name like Motorola walkie talkie, which people consider as the best walkie talkie in the market. 

But as tech becomes more incorporated into people’s lives, it’s just a matter of time before they switch from a regular walkie talkie to a smart walkie talkie.  

Walkie talkie app

Walkie talkie app is the technology behind the use of a mobile device for walkie talkie like communication. It is mobile technology-based, which means it can be used on both Android and iOS platform. 

But not only that, it also has the desktop version, which enables direct communication from computers to the mobile devices. 

A walkie-talkie app also has many features beyond a regular walkie talkie. Text messaging, sending images, replaying voice messages, are to name a few of what a walkie talkie app can do that a regular walkie talkie can’t. 

As the technology keeps on growing, more features will be added to a walkie talkie app to be able to cover its users’ needs. 

There are several renowned names in walkie-talkie app in the market at the moment. As the pioneer in walkie talkie app, Zello app is the most famous walkie talkie app in the market at the moment.

Other popular names are Voxer for Android and Smart Walkie’s very own walkie talkie app, VoicePing. Aside from the above walkie talkie app, there are other less-known walkie talkie apps in the market, which can be another option for walkie talkie app users.

Push to Talk Communication Made Easy

A walkie talkie app is built with the easiness to do push to talk communication in mind, as to how it is with a regular walkie talkie. That said, with a walkie talkie app being mobile device-based, there are several drawbacks of it compared to a regular walkie talkie. 

For instance, to send a PTT message on a normal android device that does not have dedicated PTT buttons, users usually need to do several steps. These are unlocking the screen if the device has been idle for a while, scrolling through the home screen to find the app, then press the app’s icon to enter the app. 

Many users find the extra steps involved harder to use compared to the traditional push to talk as they’re in need of a fast and instant communication. 

SmartWalkie developed an app, called Fast Talkie that enables walkie talkie app’s users to skip the above steps. Previously built for VoicePing, Fast Talkie is now able for use on Zello app as well. Fast Talkie allows users to communicate directly from the device home screen.

With the addition of SW3 (a 3 buttons headset with one earbud), you can still send and listen to messages from the home screen, even when the screen is locked.

Mobile Device Management to Boost Productivity Level

Talkie Lock works by replacing the device home screen with a kiosk lockdown mode, whose content is only those apps/folders allowed by the admin via the management dashboard. Users are only able to access the allowed apps/folders as they can’t exit the lockdown mode, unless they know the password key. 

Employers no longer to worry about the company-owned devices being used for non-job-related matters, which results in a controlled data usage. Talkie Lock enables detection on any possible attempts for unauthorized use of the device, such as SIM card replacing.

All devices are managed easily by the admin from the management dashboard.

For companies, with many mobile on field workers, such as transportation and logistics, employers often worried about their whereabouts while on duty, as it’s highly related to the productivity level and the business performance. 

Talkie Lock is able to show real-time location as well as the location history of all registered devices for a specified period of time.

Talkie Lock

Smart Walkie offers an exhaustive package of walkie talkie app and devices, as well as the app to optimize and control their use. All lead to effective communication, an improved productivity level and in the end, an increased revenue. 

Contact us if you need valuable resources on the best walkie talkie app and mobile device management solution for your business or to schedule a demo.