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 Accessories: Smartphone to Walkie Talkie

If you are looking to make your smartphone a better walkie talkie there are few improvements you can make to enhance the Push-to-Talk Experience.

PTT Bluetooth Buttons

With Walkie Talkie Apps there are few steps before sending a PTT message such as Unlocking Phone, Opening App etc. 

With PTT Bluetooth Buttons, it's fast & convenient while using PTT functions since you can send a PTT message without unlocking the screen. That is why few Walkie Talkie Apps have become Bluetooth compatible.

Pressy & their Clones

Pressy is an earphone jack button that allows you to press it and have the phone activate some function. Usually, you will make it activate PTT via a setting on your walkie-talkie app.

Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth Speakers are helpful to listen to incoming messages on-the-go. These can be attached in your car while you're driving so it helps you avoid using your phone while driving.

Wired Headsets with Talk Buttons

Wired PTT Headsets will help you to Change Channels & Send PTT messages without using your device. This helps in quick & efficient communication.


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