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VP-2000 Smart Walkie Talkie Hands-on Video

Smart Walkie Introduces VP-2000

***VP-2000 Video Demo and Hands-on***
- Rugged Business Device - Rugged Case + Belt Clip
- Easy PTT button - Unique Feature. Operate PTT without unlocking phone.
- Fast Transmission - Sub Second Transmission
- Change Channels - Without looking at screen, talk to a specific person or channel
- Full Android Smartphone - Call/Camera/SMS
- Mobile App Control - Whitelist and allow only Business Apps
- Send Text/Pictures - Multi Media Communication to enhance communication
- Replay Walkie Talkie Messages - Messages are stored
- Instant Voice to One or Many people - Controlled by Company Admin dynamically
VP-2000: Specialized Smartphone with primary use as a Walkie Talkie Device for Business.

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***Transcript of Video***
Everyone knows what a Walkie Talkie is. Chances are, you probably have a smartphone too. 
Now there’s Smart Walkie Talkie. It combines both a smartphone and walkie-talkie, so you only have to carry one device around!
A smart walkie talkie performs all the functions of a walkie-talkie
It allows you to run business apps such as fleet management apps, facilities management apps and much more! 
Workers can now make phone calls and send pictures so that you will always be updated on the latest happenings. 
Lastly, gone are the days where you have to buy and maintain multiple devices for your employees in the field.
If you want to integrate all these functions into one device for a more productive workplace and lower cost…

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