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Distribute Smart Walkie

What is Smart walkie?
Smart Walkie Talkie: The First All-In-One Device that combines Business Apps , Walkie Talkie and Messaging for Field Workers.
Run Business Apps
- Android & Google Play Apps
- Restrict use to Business Apps only
Instant Voice
- Walkie Talkie Mode
- Talk by just pressing a PTT button
- Talk 1-1 or 1-Group
Communicate Smarter
- Send Text
- See where co-workers are
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Interested to distribute Smart Walkie in your country? Expand your service offering in weeks and upgrade your business to one with a recurring revenue.
As a Distributor, you can get a commission on each device sold and recurring monthly revenue.
Instant Communications services for Service Providers 
'Go live' in a matter of weeks. Smart Walkie offers you a chance to expand your offering to enterprises and partners by providing workforce communications as a hosted managed service. 
The Ideal Distributor
Smart Walkie Distributorships are intended for a variety of service providers such as enterprise IT service providers, mobile phone distributors, and service providers for the Transport & Logistics, Security & Hospitality, Public Admin and Construction sectors.