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Smart Walkie Pouch

During special occasions like this, we receive gifts from our friends and partners. At Smart Walkie, we thought long and hard for the type of gift that your staff and you would most appreciate. In line with our mission to help companies increase productivity and safety, we would like to let you know that our Smart Walkie Pouch is now available for your redemption.

You can see the photos of the pouch here: Users will be able to put their walkie talkie device, personal phone and work accessories in the available compartments. There are 2 large compartments and a few smaller ones available.

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Velcro straps and a clip is present to keep your things intact inside the pouch as well. A carabiner can also be used to attach the pouch to places when needed.

You can order up to 1 pouch per subscribed user. Please contact your Mobility Consultant or Customer Support Agent with the required quantity of pouches for your company and we will arrange the delivery. Please order as required to ensure minimum wastage. Thank you for your continuous support.

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