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Review by a Logistics company

NEK Logistics providing their feedbacks on our smart talkies and communication system after upgrading to Smart Walkie VP-6S

NEK Logistics Pte Ltd is a logistics company which provides transportation for all kinds of heavy goods. It is founded in 1994.

This is their feedback on using our Smart Walkie talkies for their fleet of 20+ drivers:

" Compared to our previous communication system, this is more organised. Information was able to be distributed out faster to our customers compared to us using Whatsapp previously to send photos and information. The auto-forwarding pictures to email function helped a lot.

Drivers are able to playback the recordings as it is hard for them to talk while they are driving, we were also able to track their sent recordings so disputes and miscommunication are minimized.

The network is stable, we are also able to explore a lot of functions with the devices and system in future too moving ahead with technology. "

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