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Smart Walkie Launches Walkie Talkie Smartphone, VP-2000

[Press Release] Singapore Startup Aims to Fight Motorola, Upgrade Walkie Talkies into The Smartphone Era

Today Smart Walkie announced the launch of its 2016 model, VP-2000. With VP-2000, logistics, hospitality, production and engineering companies get the best communication device for their field workers. Smart Walkie aims to make office to field communication a seamless experience.

VP-2000 allows companies to empower their field workers with a instant voice smartphone that has unlimited range and can communicate in a group or privately. A user can easily talk to a group of co-workers by pressing the Easy PTT Button on the side of VP-2000.

Unlike normal smartphones, the Easy PTT button makes instant voice communication, commonly know as Push-To-Talk or Walkie Talkie, easily accessible for field workers. Prior to VP-2000, users had a difficult time using smartphone walkie talkie apps as there is no easily accessible Talk button. With VP-2000, users do not have to switch to the Walkie Talkie app or even switch on the screen.

“Smartphone Walkie Talkie apps have been invented since 2012 but have had limited success in competing against radio based walkie talkies. One of the key challenge is that Apps expect users to look at the screen. We know from our user experience studies that field workers have their hands full most of the time and need their heads up as they move around their work environment.” - Zhou Wenhan, CEO, Smart Walkie

VP-2000 boast of several unique features beyond its Easy PTT button. With a 88db loudspeaker, workers can hear messages clearly even in a outdoor environment. The phone is also perfectly sized so that workers can grip and operate the device with one hand. The included rugged case with belt clip enables easy access of VP-2000 and protects the company investment.

The Android OS on VP-2000 gives workers access to mobile apps that increases their productivity in the field. One such bundled app is the location tracking feature which dispatch companies find very useful in improving routing decisions.

The Smart Walkie team is a spin off from Singapore largest Mobile Application Consultancy, 2359 Media Pte Ltd. Zhou Wenhan, whom is the CEO of Smart Walkie and 2359 Media’s co-founder, explains how the company got into an industry that is viewed by many as out-dated.

“We got into this industry because of a partnership with a telco. The Walkie Talkie industry is not very well-know but a lot of field workers are still depending on these devices for work. Companies want to upgrade from their current walkie talkies for better coverage and ability to send pictures and even run smartphone apps. Up to now, there is no good alternative.”

VP-2000 is available for a limited time at $349. Trial sets can be requested at

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Contact Person: Zhou Wenhan
Contact Number: +65 9046 7340
Address: 70 Anson Road, #24-01, Singapore 079905
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