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VoicePing's VP-Recover

Ensuring Zero Business Down Time

VoicePing Ensures Zero Business Down Time

VP-Recover is a special 1-year warranty provided by Smart Walkie to eliminate downtime when devices breakdown. We cover all forms of damages including accidental damage, manufacture defects, software configuration issues.

VP-Recover is an optional add-on with purchase of VP device and is renewable annually at a cost of $150/device.

Some features of VP warranty would include:

Save Cost – No need to pay the full retail price for your replacement device if it breaks. No questions asked. We will just do a replacement. VP-Recover warranty even covers water damage, screen breaks from accidents which normal warranties do not cover.

Zero Down time - You do not have to wait days for repairs. When you arrive at our service center, a replacement device will be given you in exchange for the spoilt device. Your warranty will carry on to it's original date of the old device.

Additional Backup Devices at your office - If your company owns more than 30 devices, additional back-up devices to provide a quick replacement (3% of the number of devices purchased i.e. 3 additional devices for 100 devices purchased) will be stored on site for you to instantly get a replacement. Spoilt devices can be sent to the Service Center for replacement when the backup devices is running low.

Admin Fee: Each device replacement after the first free replacement is subject to a $102 payable admin fee. Replacement can be done at our service center at 70 Anson Road, #24-01 (10am to 5pm). Collection and delivery service is optionally provided at a cost of $30.

Even though we believe our devices are made of the highest quality standards, VP-Recover is here to guarantee you that company operations would proceed as per normal in the event that there is something wrong with the device.

Standard Warranty for VP Devices

Smart Walkie warrants 1 year for equipment & accessories including chargers and 6 months for battery.

Please ensure your device comes with a Smart Walkie Label. Please provide your proof of purchase documents during your warranty claims as without it, Smart Walkie reserve the rights to reject any warranty claims. Ensure all your data is back-up as Smart Walkie is not responsible for any data loss during your warranty claim.

This warranty does not include transport, delivery and handling charge incurred in the transportation of the equipment / accessory / part to from the customer's premises or designated place.
During the applicable warranty period in respect of the defective equipment / accessory / part, Smart Walkie, at its option, will at no charge repair or replace such equipment / accessory / part, as the case may be.

· This warranty is valid if the equipment, accessory or parts is purchased in Singapore and if the repair or replacement is carried out in Singapore only.
· This warranty supercedes any express warranty terms in the Smart Walkie booklet accompanying the equipment.
· This warranty is not transferable, negotiable or assignable to a third party.
· This warranty for equipment, accessory and part does not cover the following circumstances :-


1. If the equipment / accessory / part was not purchased from Authorised Distributors in Singapore with valid proof of purchase
2. If the damage to the equipment / accessory / part is or has been caused by accident, neglect, improper testing, Installation, adjustment, Operation, maintenance, alteration or modification of any kind, or spillage of food or liquid hazard, fire, flood, voltage fluctuation, faulty installation, acts of God, corrosion, rusts, stain or other cause arising or in connection with misuse, negligence or fault of the customer; or
3. If the damage resulted from use of the equipment / part in other than their normal and customary manner, eg. in excess of their maximum specifications or operating instruction; or
4. If the equipment / accessory / part is or has been installed, maintained, or tampered with or repaired by any person other than a authorised service centre technician or person authorised by the Smart Walkie Distribution Pte. Ltd. or if the ori