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Smart Walkie Bridge to Radio Walkie Talkies

Connect Conventional Two-Ways Walkie Talkies with Smart Walkie Talkies

With a Smart Walkie Bridge device, you can connect your current conventional Two-Way Walkie Talkies to your new Smart Walkie Talkies.

Connect Two-Way Walkie Talkie to Smart Walkie Talkie

With Smart Walkie Bridge, you can spread out capital expenditure by migrating your existing infrastructure by manageable batches.

Your 2-Way Walkie Talkies can also extend their range since they can reach Smart Walkie Talkie users who are far away thereby being able to connect your entire team even when they are in different locations.

Smart Walkie Bridge can interconnect any radio system to the apps or to each other. This includes conventional and trunked analog FM, ETSI DMR, ETSI TETRA, MotoTRBO, APCO P25 FDMA, and NXDN.

Requirements per bridging channel
- Smart Walkie Bridge Device
- Ethernet based Internet Connection on Site
- 1x Conventional Radio and Charger

- Bridge Channel
- Power Supply on Site

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