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Walkie Talkie Bluetooth Accessories

Best way to use Walkie Talkie App VoicePing with Bluetooth Headsets, Accessories and Push-To-Talk buttons

Bluetooth PTT Accessories For Voiceping Walkie Talkie App

The VoicePing Walkie Talkie App is designed to simplify your workflow by seamlessly transforming your existing smartphone device into an walkie talkie radio – one that highlights all the fascinating features of the walkie talkie plus other amazing realtime communication functions! These include its compatibility with supported Bluetooth connectivity headsets and accessoryies.

With these, you would have the option to remotely control PTT for VoicePing Walkie Talkie App via Bluetooth. The best part is that all you’d need to do is simply install the VoicePing Walkie Talkie App on your smartphone and pair the supported bluetooth headset.

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Professionals including drivers, event planners, medical staff members, construction teams and even engineers are finding the VoicePing Walkie Talkie App increasingly applicable to their day-to-day activities. They are able to stay connected in a team and communicate effortlessly without needing to buy a walkie talkie. And the easily adaptable Bluetooth PTT compatibility makes it even more effective as you can communicate without needing to touch your phone!

Wired, Non Bluetooth Headset

Generally any wired headset can work on most Android phones. However they work in Toggle Mode. In Toggle Mode, you press once on the Talk Button to start and then once again to stop transmission. For a more professional look, consider a Single Ear Headset like this. Check Store Page

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Types of Bluetooth PTT Accessories (Headsets, Buttons and Speakers)

Bluetooth Headset using Toggle mode

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VoicePing supports most modern Bluetooth 4.0 Headsets that has a Call or Multi Function button. On Android 8.0 and above smartphones, users can press on the button once to start a PTT. After they finish talking they can then press again to stop. To prevent accidental PTT, the maximum duration is 15 seconds in toggle mode. 

Find out about how this works in VoicePing 2.8.2 Android Update here.

Bluetooth Headset and Bluetooth PTT button

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With the above “Bluetooth Headset using toggle mode”, some users might find that their button might not be placed in an accessible location or angle. Thus you can also pair a Bluetooth PTT button like Flic or Seecode SHP at the same time with your commercial bluetooth headset.

In this way, you can place the Bluetooth PTT button within easy reach and hear via the bluetooth headset.

Using the bluetooth button also gives you a real PTT effect where instead of pressing once to start talking and pressing again to stop, you can have Push-To-Talk. This means the message is recorded when you are pressing the button and stopped once you release. This will be more akin to traditional walkie talkies and users can get accustomed to it faster. 

Get setup instructions and video of how it works here.

Phone/Tablet with and Bluetooth PTT button

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You can of course use the Bluetooth PTT button without an accompanying bluetooth headset. The microphone and speaker will rely on the smartphone or tablet. In this case, it will usually be a tablet or mounted device.

Integrated Bluetooth PTT Headset

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VoicePing supports Seecode NBT 912. Seecode NBT 912 provides an integrated PTT headset with a PTT button. The advantages of this is that the mic can clip to the front of your shirt and positioned near to the mouth.

The clarity of recording is higher and you can speak discreetly with the microphone near your mouth. The included wired one side headset can also be swapped out to surveillance or clear tube headsets. 

See a video of how Secede NBT912 works here

Bluetooth Remote Speaker Mic

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Similar to the Integrated Bluetooth PTT Headset, the bluetooth RSM has a speaker, microphone and PTT button integrated. However instead of listening via a earbud, the speaker volume is loud and the bluetooth RSM is clipped to your shirt. This mode is useful for outdoor workers and offers a long battery life.

Bluetooth PTT or Walkie Talkie Smartphones?

Perhaps you are wondering whether or not you should consider incorporating a Bluetooth PTT enabled VoicePing Walkie Talkie smartphone device or tablet into your workflow. Here are a few important points to consider:

Budget-friendly Solution

The main reason that one would use Bluetooth PTT over a Made-For-PTT Smartphone is to leverage on existing smartphones that you might own. This is particularly so when you consider the fact that your workers already have smartphones or your company has an active mobile reimbursement plan for your employees.

By leveraging on their current smartphone devices, and pairing any of the available PTT Bluetooth hands-free devices, you would be making significant savings from having to buy extra sets of hardware for the required walkie-talkie experience.

Some Amazing Benefits Of Using Push-to-talk (PTT) Bluetooth Accessories With Voiceping Walkie Talkie App

  1. Enjoy Seamless PTT Wireless Speaker And Microphone Functionality
  2. Hear Audible and Crystal Clear Voice Communication Even in Noisy Work Environments
  3. Bluetooth PTTs are Wearable and Easily Accessible. Great tool for Drivers, Construction Workers, and Other Professionals!
  4. Budget-friendly setup cost as you do not need to buy walkie talkie or special smartphones yet enjoy the convenience of Walkie Talkies

Enjoy Seamless PTT Wireless Speaker And Microphone Functionality

The VoicePing Walkie Talkie App offers you an direct PTT experience with your smartphone device. You will also find that the Bluetooth PTT promotes a more handsfree communication experience. The entire PTT experience of a PTT button, Audible speaker and microphone is moved from your phone to your wearable bluetooth device.

Hear Audible and Crystal Clear Voice Communication Even in Noisy Work Environments

One of the issues that confront most smartphone users is their inability to engage in effective voice communication in noisy areas; in which case the user may be straining to hear the other party. In some cases, important messages are even missed – but this is no longer the case when your VoicePing Walkie Talkie Smartphone device is connected to any of your favorite push-to-talk Bluetooth devices. You will be able to engage in crystal clear voice communications even in typically noisy environments like manufacturing, construction or logistics where the walkie talkie devices are often required.

The Bluetooth PTT enables seamless Two-Way Radio-Like Experience

Now you can easily respond with ease by simply pushing your Bluetooth PTT button. Unlike the traditional Bluetooth walkie talkie apps that are downloaded from the Android or the IOS App Stores, and installed on smartphones, which requires that you first open the Bluetooth walkie talkie app before you can respond or start a conversation.

Thus increasing the overall response time as you’d constantly need to keep your screen on when you are having a during an active conversation or you may miss an important notification. The VoicePing Walkie Talkie App works differently.

Once you have paired your favorite Bluetooth PTT handsfree device, all you’d need to do to respond to, or commence an active communication is simply press the dedicated PTT button and it connects in an instant; without you having to touch your phone or worry about missing an important notification. Pressing the PTT button easily starts or stops the Push-To-Talk feature even when your phone’s screen is offThis is also an added phone-safety advantage as it would protect your smartphone from accidental drops or water damage.

Bluetooth PTTs are Wearable and Easily Accessible. Great tool for Drivers, Construction Workers, and Other Professionals!

With smartphone devices becoming more abundantly available in larger screen sizes, the ability to have seamless walkie-talkie communicate via your tablet can become quite uncomfortable to hold in your hand or even in your pocket. And unless you are a field professional or someone whose work requires large mobile screens for viewing electronic documents, drawings or other large-screen details, carrying your device around or having to constantly make radio conversations can feel weird. Not to mention the fact that an effective PTT device should be easily accessible and fit comfortably in your hand.


With your Bluetooth PTT enabled VoicePing Walkie Talkie smartphone device or tablet, you will enjoy instant voice/walkie talkie features – in a small and comfortable wireless package that can be easily worn on your everyday outfit, work dress or simply clipped onto your shirt or belt. An added communication advantage even for drivers; as using the traditional walkie talkie PTT button while driving can be dangerous.