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Walkie Talkie Apps: VoicePing vs Zello

Comparison of Two Leading Walkie Talkie Apps, VoicePing and Zello

Over the years, Walkie Talkie Apps has been leading the way for Push-to-Talk communication. Since are multiple walkie talkie apps in the market today, we wanted to test the leading PTT Apps with VoicePing

We recently tested VoicePing with another renowned PTT app, Zello. VoicePing demonstrated its superiority in speed, ease of use, and multimedia communication over Zello.


When we tested speed, the tests showed that VoicePing has a shorter call setup time compared with Zello. VoicePing also has a lower latency compared to Zello which means that a real-time PTT message will be sent & received faster with VoicePing.


Text-to-Speech function reads out text messages that are sent to your VoicePing App automatically. As message keeps coming, it will read them all out without you looking at your phone. This is helpful if you are multitasking(Driving) or On-the-go.

Email Auto-Forward

Pictures taken with VoicePing can be forwarded manually & automatically to any email address. This is helpful if you need to send Proof of work or send on-field project pictures to your boss. This option is unavailable with Zello.

SW3 Headset

SW3 is a 3-Button PTT Headset that allows you to communicate without using your device manually. With VoicePing, the SW3 headset allows you to Change Channels & send PPT messages with the headset Buttons. With Zello, you can only send PTT messages but you can’t change channels.

VoicePing vs Zello - Full Article


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