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Walkie Talkie Apps: VoicePing vs Zello

Thinking between VoicePing or Zello?

Why you would choose VoicePing over Zello

You might be someone that is completely new to using walkie talkies or currently using traditional walkie talkies but is considering to upgrade to a walkie talkie App solution since there is no communication coverage limit as long as the internet network is present.

Over the years, Walkie Talkie Apps have been leading the way for Push-to-Talk(PTT) communication. The communication is instantaneous and the mobile application can be run in most smartphones.

Walkie Talkie is used for communication purposes between users by industries like hospitality, logistics, security and medical. The effective relaying of important information and instructions are relied on proper communication tools and solutions of a company.

Since there are multiple walkie talkie apps in the market today, we wanted to test one of the leading PTT Apps against our VoicePing. We tested VoicePing with another renowned PTT app, Zello. VoicePing demonstrated its superiority in speed, ease of use, and multimedia communication over Zello.


When we tested speed, the tests showed that VoicePing has a shorter call setup time compared with Zello. VoicePing also has a lower latency compared to Zello which means that a real-time PTT message will be sent & received faster with VoicePing. We realised that the speed of sending and receiving messages is twice as fast for VoicePing compared to Zello.


Text-to-Speech function reads out text messages that are sent to your VoicePing App automatically. The App reads out all incoming messages without you looking at your phone. This is helpful if you are multitasking(Driving) or On-the-go.

Email Auto-Forward

Pictures taken with VoicePing can be forwarded manually & automatically to any email address. This is helpful if you need to send Proof of work or send on-field project pictures to your boss. This option is available with Zello.

User Friendly Interface

VoicePing has a more user-friendly and simple interface compared to Zello. All important functions like PTT, Picture taking, Texting are displayed in a single page for easy access of them. For Zello they have separated texting and PTT into different pages which will cause the users to spend additional time to use the features when they toggle between the pages.

Desktop Web PTT

VoicePing has a Web Based version that does not require any software installation or IT permission because it runs completely in a browser. You can access it at You will be able to PTT, send images and communicate with your workers using your browser from your computers. This feature is not available with Zello.


You can send a Page to any individual user in VoicePing. When you page a user, their phone keeps beeping and vibrating every 30 seconds for a hour until they reply to you. This is useful if you need to get hold of someone urgently or if they have not been replying. This feature is not available with Zello.

VoicePing vs Zello - Full Article


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