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Communication App API

VoicePing API for Various Industries

VoicePing App ​is built for companies that require an all-in-one communication app for their workforce. With VoicePing App, workers can communication 1-1 or group via Voice Messages, Text, Pictures and more.

Companies are deploying Enterprise Apps such as Transport Management Solution, Job Tracking and Enterprise Resource Planning applications are currently being used by many companies.

The VoicePing API allows companies to integrate our communication solution with your existing Enterprise App solution. This helps companies to add more functionality to their existing enterprise solutions which helps in improving efficiency & productivity of their workforce.

Listed below are few use cases how VoicePing API can be used.

Audio Notifications to Alert Workers

Audio Notification is a function where text messages sent to a user will be read out loud automatically with the text-over-speech function.

Location Information

Our Location API helps you to track & monitor on-field workers in real-time. Apart from monitoring the ​real-time location, you can also track the distance covered and the route.

VoicePing Enterprise Communication API - Full Article


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