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Tried a Walkie Talkie App But Not Good Enough?

Smartphone Made for Walkie Talkie

Smart Walkie Talkie Device

Companies trying out Walkie Talkie Apps often realize that just giving the staff an app to install is not enough. Experienced Walkie Talkie users often experience issues migrating from Walkie Talkies to Walkie Talkie Apps.

One of the key issue is that Walkie Talkie Apps require much more effort to send a message. On a walkie talkie, just a simple push is required to talk. But with Walkie Talkie Apps, the user has to do a few more steps to start a PTT.

To send a message on a typical Walkie Talkie App, you have to 
1. Press button to Switch on Phone Screen
2. Unlock Phone
3. Open the Walkie Talkie App
4. Talk

Due to the limitations of the phone, this is usually how most walkie talkie apps work. However we thought we could do better to ensure that the Walkie Talkie App experience is the exactly the same as how your staff knows it.

We are delighted to introduce VP-2000: Smartphone made for Walkie Talkie

VP-2000 has a hard PTT button on its side which always works. It does not matter if your screen is off or on. Or if you are in the Walkie Talkie App or using any other business. 

Easily talk to your co-workers without needing to look at the phone. Just Press the button, say what you want. Then release once you are done.

You can also change channel easily just by using the other hard button available. 

It just works! You will have no trouble migrating your co-worker to this smart walkie talkie.

VP-2000 is available from and comes with even more benefits that warrants it to be called a “Smartphone made for Walkie Talkie”. 

These include
- Run other Business Apps
- Location Tracking
- Loud Speaker
- Rugged Case with Belt Clip
- Easy Grip
- 24 hour Continuous Usage
- App Usage Restriction

Smart Walkie Talkie Device
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