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Resell Walkie Talkie in Your Country

Join The Growing Enterprise Mobility Wave for Deskless Workers

A Business Opportunity That is Still Wide-Open

Build a recurring revenue stream by using mobile technology to improve the business of your customers.


Field workers are still relying for 15 to 50 year old technology and represent the next green field market for enterprise mobility. Field workers are employees in industries where the majority of work takes place out of the office and in the field.

With mobility devices becoming common place and affordable for companies to purchase for employees, companies are now able to consider mobility solutions to increase productivity.

Smart Walkie Talkie enables Enterprise Mobility and Unified Field Communication for such companies and you have an opportunity to own a recurring revenue model for your business by being a Smart Walkie Talkie Reseller.

Industries That Use Walkie Talkie

Target Market

In South East Asia plus Australia, we estimate the T.A.M to be $1.5 Billion a year with 18 Million Work subscribers.

Ideal industries with need for Smart Walkie would be industries with deskless workers. These include the following

  1. Hospitality: Housekeepers, Front Desk to coordinate room cleaning or guest service request.
  2. Logistics: Coordinate drivers. Location tracking offers overview of current location. PTT makes driving safer and dispatching of job orders faster.
  3. Retail & Distribution: Quickly link back room and retail front workers to help find inventory. 

Revenue Model

Resellers earn revenue via a combination of hardware sales, monthly recurring subscription and service/support. Resellers margins are around 40%.You should expect each corporate customer to bring in $10,000 USD of revenue over their 2 year commitment. 

Smart Walkie Talkie Resellers Revenue Model

Suitable Distributors

Nationwide Push-To-Talk services have not existed in most countries due to previous technology limitations. Recent technology improvement now allow you to bring PTT to your country as a new product introduction in your market.

Because communication has a network effect, you should aim to be the earliest entrant and build your network of subscribers.

If you are in the Communication, Mobile or Software industries and are currently serving businesses, Smart Walkie Reseller will be a ideal product for you to resell.

Smart Walkie Talkie Device

Interested in reselling Smart Walkie in your country?

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