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iPad Walkie Talkie App

Allow your e-CTS iPad to also act as a Talkie Terminal

Walkie Talkie App That Works on Your iPad

Did you know that your Prime Mover's MDT will be upgraded to an iPad Mini soon? When iPad mini is installed you need to consider several maintenance factors.

We were worried that the iPad could be used for non-work purpose. Their high resale value also makes it a potential target for theft.

Smart Walkie is offering the iPad Management solution for Hauliers who purchase our PTT on iPad package.

PTT on iPad Package

The package helps you to manage your iPad usage and also use it for Talkie Communication

1) Protect the device by discouraging theft via a Locked mode that cannot be factory reset. You can even activate Lost mode to see it's location and show a message to get back your device.

2) Disallow non-work apps to limit data usage and discourage the device from being used for non-work use.

Walkie Talkie App for iPad
Communicating with Walkie Talkie App on iPad

3) Allow your iPad to also act as a PTT terminal. Drivers can safety PTT via Bluetooth PTT which they can clip on.

The enhanced Containerised Transportation Solution (e-CTS) system is the upgraded GPS Track and Trace application, a new generation platform that is ready to meet the 3G network requirement starting 1st April 2017.


Introducing eCTS, a new generation platform that is ready to work on the 3G network. The platform leverages on using tablets (the iPad mini) to support all existing CTS operational requirements of the hauliers’ container trucking operations, and supports much more functionalities to deliver business benefits, such as:-

  1. Two way text messaging with the depot gates and port (able to send alerts to depots on truck’s arrival automatically, update on activity status)
  2. Able to send documents directly to drivers electronically
  3. Electronic acknowledgement when handing and taking over of container at Port (enable instant updates on the handing over and receiving of container). Enable e-POD and to comply with the standards stipulated in Container Equipment Interchange Receipt Technical Reference.
  4. Direct link to CMSLive Portal. One single portal to manage your trucking operations. (All under the CMSLive Portal).
  5.  Industry (Depot / Port) broadcast visibility to Drivers.
  6. No software purchase / installation necessary as the solution is completely web-based. Quick and Easy Installation of tablet onto vehicles (no longer require to send your truck down to vendor premises for any firmware upgrading, as the upgrading can be done over the air, just like your smart phone) 

Companies are strongly encouraged to tap on the modern technology to help in your businesses. The eCTS will be one of its kinds to help company to enhance the trucking operations with much more functions and features added as compared to the current system.