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Attendance & Clocking for Security Guards

Improve operations in security organizations with walkie talkies and provide a measurable increase in level of service.

Using Smart Walkie Devices for a Productivity App for The Security Industry

Infornest is a multi-functional app that has been designed to enhance the productivity of the security industry by providing different tools that automate the collection of data from security personnel on the ground.

A tough competition of walkie talkie Motorola, Smart Walkie Talkie paired with Infornest features :

Clocking and Patrol

Schedule patrols with security officer checklists while easily tracking visited and skipped checkpoints with the use of NFC Tags.


Now identifying, authenticating and monitoring your day-to-day security officer attendance has been easier with our latest incorporation of facial recognition technology.


Craft and monitor Incidents and Occurrences real-time through acquiring background information with photo evidences.


Effectively monitor your entire worksite through a detailed checklist for supervisors, partnered with automated processes in managing site keys, equipment and visitors.

Response and Message Board

Send out test responses to check site alertness and receive HQ updates or messages from the cloud through push notifications.

Infornest Paired with Smart Walkie Talkie

Group Walkie Talkie

Our Smart Walkie comes with VoicePing push to talk application which allows for instant group PTT so that your officers can work together quickly using voice. Optionally they can also use a headset for privacy.

Wide Area Coverage

Communicate with your staff no matter where they are with the fastest PTT experience of 1 sec latency using 4G/3G/Wi-Fi networks.

Connect 2 Way Radio to Smart Walkie

Your command center can listen in to each site's radio communication by installing a Smart Walkie Bridge on-site. With the bridge, you can communicate directly with guards and be alerted earlier of emergencies.

Review Communication Logs

Download and playback all the exchanged messages on the server, whether they’re in the form of images, audio, or texts within a period of 30, 90, and 365 days.