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About Smart Walkie Pte Ltd

Walkie Talkie Phones, Rugged Smartphones, Mobile Device Management & Walkie Talkie Apps

Smart Walkie Pte Ltd supports companies with field workers. By providing rugged and field suitable hardware and software, Smart Walkie makes field workers more efficient, return home safely and coordinate smoothly with their co-workers in the office.

Smart Walkie Pte Ltd is privately owned. Incorporated in Singapore since 2015 with 14 Full Time Staff.

Our customers are from a wide range of industries like Logistics, Construction, Hospitality, Energy, Aviation and more. Our users are the field workers in these companies that use our products to communicate and coordinate. In Singapore, Smart Walkie Pte Ltd is an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) licensed by IMDA.

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Smart Walkie manufactures, develops, and distributes several phones and apps for usage globally.

VoicePing is a Walkie Talkie app on smartphones that enables fast voice communication. Work teams in Logistics, Hotels, Industrial, and Security companies use them for group coordination and work dispatching.

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Beyond Push-To-Talk, VoicePing also enables texting, picture taking, and paging to give companies with field workers a complete communication solution. VoicePing is also a registered trademark with the USPTO office and has trademark registration number 6392842.

OliveCast turns your smartphone into a Body cam (Body worn video camera). Designed for police, law enforcement, security teams and personal use, the app records video on screen off and is automatically tagged with time and date.

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Smart Walkie has created Talkielock software to reduce cost and administration work associated with deployment of company smartphones.

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With the ability to lock the phone and apps, employers no longer have to worry about the company-owned devices being used for non-work related matters. This results in controlled data usage and hence costs. It also ensures attention at work. Talkie Lock enables detection on any possible attempts for unauthorized use of the device, such as SIM card removal.

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Bring the Walkie Talkie feature to your WhatsApp conversations and play your incoming voice messages automatically. AppToTalk is a free communication app for Android that allows you to auto-play all your voice messages without the need to touch any button or unlock your phone.

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Use Volume Down/Up or Custom Buttons for Walkie Talkie Apps. Fast Talkie uses Volume Down/Up or Custom Buttons for Push to Talk in Zello or VoicePing Apps. We help you PTT Faster. Fast Talkie gives you common PTT Functions without entering the PTT App

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VoicePing Teams is a Long Range Walkie Talkie. Compatible with AT&T & T-Mobile, VoicePing Teams allows you to talk nationwide. It's included Walkie Talkie App on Cell Phone works on both WiFi and 4G and is network unlocked.

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VoicePing P-one is a smartphone made for Seniors & Kids. Loud speaker and Easy Number Buttons making calling easy. Stay connected to your family with video calling via Android Apps Like Skype, Zoom, Facebook & Whatsapp. P-one is sold network unlocked and compatible with 4G on AT&T and T-Mobile.

Smart Walkie Pte Ltd has a sister company (SWT International Pte Ltd) that handles hardware and distribution of rugged smartphones in the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Please refer to this link for more information:

CEO’s Contact   

Zhou Wenhan, CEO.