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About Smart Walkie Pte Ltd

Made-for-PTT Smartphones, Rugged Smartphones, Mobile Device Management, Walkie Talkie Apps

Smart Walkie Talkie, based in Singapore, provides companies with a nationwide walkie talkie smartphone to enhance worker communication. This solution is made up of Rugged Smartphones, Mobile Device Management Software and a Walkie Talkie App. Each software can be bought separately and are listed in detail below.

VoicePing - Walkie Talkie App

VoicePing is a Walkie Talkie app on smartphones that enables fast voice communication. Work teams in Logistics, Hotels, Industrial and Security companies use them for group coordination and work dispatching.

Beyond Push-To-Talk, VoicePing also enables texting, pictures and pages to give companies with field workers a complete communication solution.

Blackview - Rugged Smartphone

Smart Walkie Pte Ltd is the exclusive authorized distributor in Singapore. Starting in 2016, we sold thousands of BV6000, BV8000, BV6800, BV5800 to consumer and enterprise in Singapore. Our users are across Security, Industrial and Commercial sectors.

CAT Phones - Premium Rugged Smartphone

Smart Walkie Pte Ltd is the only authorized distributor in Singapore. For users looking for a premium rugged smart device, CAT phones are your best choice. CAT phones sold by Smart Walkie comes with a unique screen guarantee during their warranty period.

Nomu - Made-for-PTT Smartphone

Smart Walkie Pte Ltd is the only authorized distributor in Singapore. Nomu Rugged Phones provide the best Push-To-Talk Smartphone device in their T18S model made specially for Singapore.

TalkieLock - Mobile Device Management

Smart Walkie has created Talkielock software to reduce cost and administration work associated with deployment of company smartphones.

With the ability to lock the phone and apps, employers no longer have to worry about the company-owned devices being used for non-work related matters. This results in controlled data usage and hence costs. It also ensures attention at work. Talkie Lock enables detection on any possible attempts for unauthorized use of the device, such as SIM card removal.

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