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Second Hand Motorola Walkie Talkie

GRID Talkies, i365, i418 for Sale

Trade-In Program for All Spoilt Talkies with GRID Talkies

Certified working PTT Button, Screen Readable.

We offer 7 days term invoicing to companies who need a replacement for spoilt talkies. This could be cheaper than repairing your PTT button.

Please email with the following

Subject: GRID Second Hand

1) i365 or i418 (Qty: X)

2) Company Name for quotation

3) Delivery address

4) Company contact

All talkies as sold as-is and has a 7 days refund policy. We will send you photos and videos of each talkie during the quotation phase.

Trade In Working Motorola Walkie Talkies 

The Trade in for Working Condition ($50) is as follows

- Device able to power on

- Device able to charge

- PTT button working

- Screen visible and operable

- i3xx/i4xx models

- Charger required

- purchase of VP Device required per trade-in