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Lock Company Phones

Lock down Android Phones/Tablets, Track Location, Distribute Enterprise Apps

Ensure Work Attention, Control Data Cost, See Where Everyone is

Android Device Lock App

Powerful yet Simple

TalkieLock is a powerful application which locks down your Android device in Kiosk mode, allowing you to remotely manage the device through a clean and simple interface.

  • Kiosk Lockdown Mode

    The kiosk lockdown mode replaces the regular home screen of your Android device with your customized one, allowing you to manage the device from your admin dashboard.

  • Manage Applications

    Remotely authorize the applications deemed right for your business, and block unnecessary and data consuming apps such as games and social media. You can also set a default app to launch automatically.

TalkieLock Admin Dashboard

Remote Admin Dashboard

TalkieLock’s cloud-based admin panel allows you to manage your devices remotely from anywhere and make changes in real-time.

  • Enterprise Store

    Upload your APKs on your dashboard Enterprise Store, and they will automatically download to the devices registered with your account.

  • Multi-Admin Support

    Add multiple device admins to manage the devices registered with your account.

You need this software when

- your company gives phones to employees for work

- your staff needs to be empowered with apps

- you want to see where everyone is

Call: +65 9046 7340


• Run in single application mode and also auto launch application of your choice at device startup.
• Create a secure area in your Android mobiles and tablets.
• Kiosk mode allows you to Disable access to Home/Launcher and recent apps button*.

• Remotely Lock or Unlock devices.
• Remotely Wipe images and videos.
• Allow/disallow users from accessing the “Wifi Connection” on their device.
• View device specific data usage.

• Allow access only to specific websites essential for your business. The websites will appear as browser shortcuts on the device with an option to hide the address bar.

• Upload your app’s APKs on Enterprise Store, and they will be automatically downloaded to the devices registered to your account.

• Track location of your devices in real-time. Also, turn on/off device location service remotely via your dashboard.

• Broadcast “ONE WAY” messages from your admin panel directly to your devices as push notifications..

• With KNOX support, you can have even greater control over your Samsung devices. You can disable power buttons, stop hard resets, etc.

• Change the look and feel of your device home screen to reflect your company branding, with your logo, company name, custom wallpaper, and colors..

• Create profiles with pre-set branding, enabled applications and websites and apply them to your devices when needed.

• Organize your devices into different Device Groups, and apply a device profile. You can set a single or multiple device administrators to various device groups.

TalkieLock allows you to have total control over your devices. It reduces hassles in managing your devices, saves cost and increases the productivity of your mobile workforce.

Among its peers, TalkieLock is the easiest to setup and use. It is also cost-effective with transparent pricing.

Call: +65 9046 7340


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