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Lock Company Phones

Lock down Android phones/tablets, Track Location, Distribute enterprise apps

Ensure work attention, control data cost, see where everyone is

Powerful, yet Simple

TalkieLock is a powerful application which locks down your Android device in Kiosk mode, allowing you to remotely manage the device through a clean and simple interface.

  • Kiosk Lockdown Mode

    The kiosk lockdown mode replaces the regular home screen of your Android device with your customized one, allowing you to manage the device from your admin dashboard.

  • Manage Applications

    Remotely authorize the applications deemed right for your business, and block unnecessary and data consuming apps such as games and social media. You can also set a default app to launch automatically.

TalkieLock Admin Dashboard

Remote Admin Dashboard

TalkieLock’s cloud-based admin panel allows you to manage your devices remotely from anywhere and make changes in real-time.

  • Enterprise Store

    Upload your APKs on your dashboard Enterprise Store, and they will automatically download to the devices registered with your account.

  • Multi-Admin Support

    Add multiple device admins to manage the devices registered with your account.

You need this software when

- your company gives phones to employees for work

- your staff needs to be empowered with apps

- you want to see where everyone is

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• Run in single application mode and also auto launch application of your choice at device startup.
• Create a secure area in your Android mobiles and tablets.
• Kiosk mode allows you to Disable access to Home/Launcher and recent apps button*.

• Remotely Lock or Unlock devices.
• Remotely Wipe images and videos.
• Allow/disallow users from accessing the “Wifi Connection” on their device.
• View device specific data usage.

• Allow access only to specific websites essential for your business. The websites will appear as browser shortcuts on the device with an option to hide the address bar.

• Upload your app’s APKs on Enterprise Store, and they will be automatically downloaded to the devices registered to your account.

• Track location of your devices in real-time. Also, turn on/off device location service remotely via your dashboard.

• Broadcast “ONE WAY” messages from your admin panel directly to your devices as push notifications..

• With KNOX support, you can have even greater control over your Samsung devices. You can disable power buttons, stop hard resets, etc.